State Tax Amnesty Programs

State budget shortfalls have resulted in many states offering short periods of amnesty to delinquent taxpayers.  Generally, amnesty periods gives taxpayers an opportunity to file prior year tax returns and/or pay outstanding tax liabilities with little or no penalties due and protection from civil and criminal prosecution for tax evasion.  Some states even grant amnesty for the interest due on the prior year taxes.  However, penalties are typically doubled if a taxpayer owes tax that is not paid by the end of the amnesty period.

IRS Tax Scams

With our world becoming more technologically advanced, there are many more ways for scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting people.  Unfortunately, scammers are now posing as IRS agents as a vehicle to steal money.  These scammers initially went after the most vulnerable people such as the elderly, newly arrived immigrants, and those not fluent in English.  They have now spread their tactics to other people as well.  The scammers have even gone as far as having your caller ID display that a call is from the IRS.  They will also use what appear to be IRS titles and badge numbers.  The fir

2015 Sales Tax Holidays

As the summer comes to a close, many consumers are beginning to prepare for going back to school.  This means that budgets are stretched a little thinner with the extra purchases that have to be made for school supplies.  Did you know that many states have enacted a “Sales Tax Holiday” to help consumers stretch their budgets?

Deducting the Costs of a Spouse on a Business Trip

Do you plan on taking a business trip in the future? Does your spouse want to join you on your trip? Would your spouse’s expenses be deductible? Below we will discuss the rules of deductibility when a spouse accompanies you on a business trip.

Spousal IRA Contributions

Does your spouse have a job?  Are you looking to lower your tax bill and/or just boost your retirement?  In America today, there are many reasons as to why not every family is a double income family.  The reasons can vary from wanting to be a parent raising your children to the American public still having trouble finding quality jobs.  Whatever the reason, the government wants people to save for their retirement.  So much so, they will waive the earned income rules for individual retirement account (IRA) contributions for a spouse who is not employed.  At the end of the year, if you have s


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