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Often a business owner may question where they are as an entrepreneur.  They often wonder who they can speak with to discuss critical, sensitive information regarding their business.  We partner with business owners, acting in a role that our clients have described as a mixture of board member, advisor, and business partner.


What Is Business Coaching?

Keeping a new small business up and running takes a lot of effort and just like when you were learning any other skill set, business coaching can improve your odds for success. Our business coaches are experienced business professionals with a background in small and large businesses. We help you clarify your business goals and objectives. We also work with you to develop the skills you need to operate a successful business.

We help small business owners like you in the following areas:

  • Strategic planning to stabilize and develop your business plan, marketing plan, and personnel hiring plan, etc.

  • Financial planning to analyze cash flow, pricing strategies, employee compensation, etc.

  • Marketing planning to implement promotions, advertising, and public relations efforts.

  • Developing a Work - Life balance.

  • Learning to manage the stress and anxiety as a business owner.

The business coaches at BG Business Consultants can help you with all of these and more. We also offer new business workshops and seminars that are taught by experienced professionals who know what challenges and risks small business owners face when starting up a business.

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Building Your Confidence As A Owner

In addition to providing encouragement and motivation, the business coaches and consultants at BG Business Consultants have a genuine interest in helping you be successful with your business. Business Coaching can benefit you:

  1. Business coaching provides you the guidance you need to enhance your business skills and gives you candid feedback on the progress and growth of your small business.

  2. Business coaches can help business owners like you network with other professionals and organizations who can be useful to your business endeavors.

  3. A business coach will help you understand the transitional periods of starting and growing your business and helping it grow

  4. Sound business coaching involves a lot of open listening before delivering advice that helps you develop a plan to meet the challenges you're encountering.

  5. A business coach will assist you with balancing your personal and business life while motivating you to find the best path for you and your family.

If you are (or soon plan to be) a new business owner, it's important to seek help from experienced professionals who have been where you are.  Give the experts at BG Business Consulting a call and ask about our business coaching and consulting services.


1-on-1 Alignment Plan

Whether you're starting your business from scratch, acquiring a franchise, or need to scale an existing to business in order to reach new goals, we can help. Our 1-on 1 Alignment Plan works with you to assess your business, develop goals, and strategize how to achieve them. 

  • Aligns the following areas:

  • Legal Compliance

  • Financial Stability

  • Scale towards passive income

  • Strategize and implement business goals

  • Implement processes and systems

  • Social Media Content, Branding, and Marketing

  • and more!

$5,000 for 4-month program

Summer Special: $5,000 for 6-months

*Payment plans available.

A business meeting
Business Meeting

Group Coaching Program

For four months, you'll work with other like-minded entrepreneurs to scale your business to success. This program is great for those that need a support system of like-minded individuals or simply want share the cost of a business coach. You'll cover all the areas of the 1-on1 alignment, but within a team enviornment.


Summer Special: $2,500 for 6-months

*Payment plans available.